1 January 2024, from 4 pm to 7 pm


MACRO starts the new year with Roma Capodarte 2024, the New Year’s Eve of Roma Capitale. Concerts, guided tours, shows, meetings and activities for children and adults will animate museums, municipal libraries, theaters, cinemas and other cultural venues extraordinarily open for the occasion until the evening.

The museum will welcome the public with free admission with the current exhibitions, MACRO loop, a cycle of video screenings for adults and children from 4 pm to 7 pm, a guided tour of the exhibition …E Prini with art historian and critic Stefano Chiodi, from 4.30 pm to 6 pm, and with the Laboratorio Percettivo workshop from 4.30 pm



4 pm – 7 pm

MACRO loop 


A selection of videos made by artists, Italian or active in Italy, during 2023 will be screened continuously in the sala cinema.


Benedetta Fioravanti 
give me a moment, I leave the light on (intro), 2023
Video HD, sound, 6’30’’ 
Music by Tommaso Pandolfi (Furtherset) 

Inspired by the concentration exercise that former high jump athlete Antonietta Di Martino used to perform before each of her competitions, the video explores the psychological practices of anchoring and mental visualization—used in sports coaching to generate a determined emotional and mental response—by applying them to the visual field of moving images. The montage combines digital footage of Di Martino sourced from YouTube, content produced by anonymous users found on the web, and autobiographical videos of Benedetta Fioravanti, generating an empathetic confrontation with the image of the athlete and tuning the functioning of the above-mentioned therapeutic practices with the artist’s aesthetic research.

Roberto Fassone, LZ, Ai Lai 
And we thought (Led Zeppelin trilogy), 2023
16:9 full HD, color, sound, 16’
Production Sineglossa. Courtesy the artist and Fanta-MLN

In June 2022 Ai Lai, an artificial intelligence designed to write trip reports, recounts the experience of watching three films directed by Led Zeppelin. The Doors, The Road, and Love is Magic exist at the intersection of two parallel realities: the psychedelic and machine worlds. After a careful recovery operation, their existence has been extended to our screens.

Jacopo Rinaldi
Senza titolo, 2023
Digital video, color, sound, 12’   
Work realized in the context of Varese ep. III by Cecilia Mentasti, hosted by Anonima Kunsthalle. Service: Simone Mentasti. Video operator: Stefano Disgrazia

A drone moves near the radio and television station located on the roof of the former Art Nouveau Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori, designed by Giuseppe Sommaruga in 1908. This location is now subject to seemingly divergent dynamics: the gradual abandonment of local television network transmitters and the installation of new antennas by telephone and Internet operators. The invisible presence of an electromagnetic field guides the frame through the interruption of contact with the drone, causing its automatic return to the take-off point. The audio translates the electromagnetic waves into music through the continuous playback of a few notes from Richard Wagner’s Fantasia in F-sharp minor.

The auditorium will present a selection of videos by Italian and international authors, contemporary or historical, designed for younger visitors of the museum.



Seth Boyden 
An Object at Rest, 2015 
Video, color, sound, 5’44’’

An Object at Rest follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia, facing nature’s greatest obstacle: human civilization.

René Laloux, Roland Topor 
Les Escargots, 1966
Video, color, sound, 11’
Script René Laloux and Roland Topor  
Drawings Roland Topor, music Alain Goraguer, production S.O.F.A.C., Argos Films

Les Escargot is a sad, funny, moral, and philosophical fable about the eternal repetition of the world’s misfortunes. A farmer fails to grow his lettuce. Watered by his tears, the lettuces grow profusely but are eaten by small slugs that quickly become big and devastating as if they were tanks, destroying the entire town. Meanwhile, the farmer has planted carrots and cries for them to grow but does not see that menacing rabbits are lurking. Roland Topor is a fierce and inspired cartoonist: stupidity, politics, dreams, poetry, and fantasies are the themes he celebrates and addresses in his work, all of which we find in this 1966 animated film.



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