Faster Than An Erection
Opening 2 July, h. 5 pm – 8 pm

2 July 2021 – 12 September 2021

Faster Than An Erection examines the practice of the artist, writer and political “dominatrix” Reba Maybury for the REHEARSAL column. Her work aims to unravel and penetrate male authority/power, transaction and desire, while pushing the boundaries of female strength out of the men’s fantasy.


In Rome, Maybury will explore the meaning and role of transgression and perversion in the context of the museum by having Her local submissive create the work for Her, and will invite the visitor to carry out an act of consent when entering the space. A publication that includes a chapter from Maybury’s upcoming book, Faster Than An Erection, an essay by writer and poet, Cassandra Troyan, a selection of the contractual stipulations between the Artist and the men who wish to submit to Mistress Rebecca, the name Maybury sometimes works under, and her humiliated guitar drawings, will accompany the exhibition.