From 3 February 2021

Giorgia Garzilli joins the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.

In Garzilli’s work, there is no distinction between fiction and the everyday: a continuous overlap of the two flows into his works. The artist expands the limits of seeing by offering contradictory but surprisingly complementary perspectives. Surrealism is allied with stylistic hints of the New Objectivity, the desire to aspire to tactility is combined with the immediacy of a photographic shot.

His painting is rhythmic in bold fields interspersed with graphic qualities while muted colors hint at a magical, unpredictable and fragmentary world. Coming from film, Garzillis’s narratives are scenographic and multidimensional, as in the oil on canvas Ring (2020): “That delirium radiated mirrors and abysses, which by distorting its meaning made it real; victory and defeat intertwined and mingled,they were different beams of the same sunlight. There, the perception of time was so distorted in the aesthetic of multiplication, that it was reduced to a place without a roof and without a ground; limitless, horrible and wonderful.”



GIORGIA GARZILLI (Napoli, 1992) completed an MFA in Visual Arts (Work.Master) at HEAD-Genève in 2018 and attended the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles in 2020. She lives and works in Naples and Milan.).