And nothing but the truths (Danger Queen), 2022

From 7 July 2022 

Ilaria Vinci joins RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.

And Nothing but the Truths (Danger Queen) is part of a broader series of wall-mounted oversized tea cup sculptures. These works draw inspiration from the ancient divinatory practice known as “tasseomancy,” which involves interpreting the remnants of a tea or coffee cup. The series is tied to the Jungian concept of synchronicity, with a particular emphasis on the humorous aspects inherent in synchronic events. Each teacup within the series features distinct symbols, examining the human tendency to reframe everyday occurrences as symbolic indicators shaping perceptions of the present, past, or future. 



ILARIA VINCI (Cisternino, 1991). After completing her Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at the Brera Academy in Milan, Ilaria Vinci received her MFA at ECAL in Lausanne. The artist has opened solo exhibitions at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich (2022), Plymouth Rock and Longtang in Zurich (2021), Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen (2021), Walriss in Freiburg (2020) and Galerie Pcp in Paris (2020). Her work has been included – among others – in group exhibitions at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene (2021); Helmhaus Museum, Zurich (2021) and Weissfalk, Basel (2020).