From 16 March 2022

Lorenza Longhi joins the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time. 

The work entering the collection is Untitled, 2019, which the artist explains here: “Untitled is part of a series of sculptures made from an iconic Swiss modular design system, USM Haller. Rendered in 1:1 scale but visibly hand welded and completed by reclaimed honeycomb cardboard and tape. The sculpture subverts standards and disposes of the modularity promised by the original it is inspired by and acts as a statement, referring to, and subjugating varied power structures. Untitled, is meant to insinuate or camouflage itself, with its awkward and precarious firmness, within certain types of economics that hide behind certain well-defined facades, and reacts to the immediacy of power through this insane mode of resistance—hoarding and self arranged craftsmanship—and a minimal perishable perfection that ends up being ironic, making of the moment something permanent”.



LORENZA LONGHI (Lecco, 1991, lives in Zürich) studied at Brera Academy of Fine Art sand the Cantonal Art School in Lausanne. She has exhibited widely throughout Europe, including solo shows at Weiss Falk, Basel; Bungalow, Berlin; Fanta MLN, Milan; La Plage, Paris; and Plymouth Rock, Zürich. Trough her practice she addresses and contests the everyday as a set of standard functional rules, codes, and forms of signification. In her practice, visual elements taken from communication strategies and objects that have a specific role within our contemporaneity are reproduced and remixed together, using laborious craft techniques as a way to complicate their primary forms, empirically test and question their assumed neutrality.