Denial of a Redwing Blackbird II and III (Aniconism as Figuration Urgency), 2022

From 17 March 2023 

Monia Ben Hamouda joins the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.

The sculptural diptych Denial of a Redwing Blackbird II and III (Aniconism as Figuration Urgency) (2022) by Monia Ben Hamouda combines technological production procedures and the practice of calligraphy to investigate the theme of figuration and aniconism, the prohibition of depicting the human and divine face as a precept of certain religions.   



MONIA BEN HAMOUDA (Milan, 1991) lives and works between al-Qayrawan and Milan.  Following the belief that each individual is inextricably connected to their family tree and the psychological universe of their ancestors, she attempts to master her influences in a contemporary and constantly changing landscape. Her visual language, which translates into a broad range of formal approaches, is steeped in cultural-religious symbology and rituals. In 2022 she was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, and she was among the finalist of the VI Club Gamec Prize.Her work has been presented in various venues such ChertLüdde, Berlin; Ashes/Ashes, New York; Ar/Gekunst Kunstverein, Bozen; ArtBasel, Basel; Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, Florence; Universitätssammlungen Kunst, Dresden; Alios 16me Biennale d’Art Contemporain, La Teste de Buch; Marselleria Permanent Exhibition, Milan. Her upcoming shows include: La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Kunsthalle Wien, Wien; ChertLüdde, Berlin.