Bounty of the mutineers

From 3 February 2021

Real Madrid joins the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.

Bounty of the mutineers (2020) is the installation by the Real Madrid duo consisting of a cardboard box and two pairs of glasses that contain two small screens inside them. Their function here is reversed: the visitor is now the one looking at them from the outside, as if in search of an eye contact that will not happen.



REAL MADRID is an artist practice started 2015 in Geneva; they use local codes to question coping strategies around diseases and stigmas. An interest in miscommunication led to a name that makes it problematic to spread and track images of their work on any search engine. Re-appropriating the name from the highly lucrative football franchise, RM brands itself as a marketable counterfeit commodity. Their work has been exhibited in private and public institutions like Migros Museum, Zurich; Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva; GAK, Bremen; Auto Italia South East, London. In 2021 they will exhibit at Centre Culturelle Suisse, Paris. They won the Swiss Art Award 2018 and the fellowship 2019/20 at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome.