With works by Carola Bonfili, Costanza Candeloro, Ludovica Carbotta, Alesandro Cicoria, Gianluca Concialdi, Giulia Crispiani, Giorgio Di Noto, Giorgia Garzilli, Beatrice Marchi, Diego Marcon, SAGG NAPOLI, Parasite 2.0, Francesco Pedraglio, Margherita Raso, Real Madrid, Davide Stucchi and others to come.

3 February 2021 — in progress

RETROFUTURE is a in-progress exhibition devoted to rethinking the museum’s collection in the perspective of a pathway aimed at the newer generations, where different timeframes overlap to investigate the role of a public collection of contemporary art in the 21st century.


The spaces contain the photographic portrait of the  storerooms of MACRO’s collection made by Giovanna Silva and presented by means of giant wallpapers that now become the context that gradually hosts new works by the invited artists, for a collection that grows over time.

Current artists part of RETROFUTURE: Carola Bonfili (1981), Costanza Candeloro (1990), Ludovica Carbotta (1982), Gianluca Concialdi (1981), Giulia Crispiani (1986), Giorgio Di Noto (1990), Giorgia Garzilli (1992), Beatrice Marchi (1986), Diego Marcon (1985), SAGG NAPOLI (1991), Parasite 2.0 (1989), Francesco Pedraglio (1981), Davide Stucchi (1988). Works by other artists will progressively join the exhibition: Real Madrid (2015) from 22 June, Margherita Raso (1991) from 13 July and Alessandro Cicoria (1980) from 14 September.


With the support of AR MARKET.