Studioli TV, 2018–2020

From 14 September 2021

Alessandro Cicoria is the latest artist to enter the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.

Studioli TV is a video trilogy that in an evocative, dreamlike way offers a penetrating overview of Studioli. The artist-run space was opened by Alessandro Cicoria and Valerie Giampietro in the Roman neighborhoods of Tor di Quinto/Ponte Milvio, in 2015. The characteristic feature of each episode of the trilogy in Cicoria’s voice, absorbed in telephone conversations with the personalities that populate the images of his stories. Each call is an invitation to remember an event years after it took place, in the temporal slippage of a distant future or a recent past.


Calling En Plein Air, 2018
Hi8 video, 9’26’’

Calling En Plein Air reinterprets an outdoor exhibition on the terrace of Studioli. The set alternates between different back sounds: gardens, carpets, mirrors and the landscape of the Tiber River.


Book Launch, 2019
Hi8 video, 4’54’’

Book Launch is the memory of a slow torchlight procession on a winter’s evening, prior to the onset of singing and dancing.


Studioli al Pellegrino, 2020
Hi8 video, 7’16’’

The final episode, Studioli al Pellegrino, is the recollection of a night out a dinner at the Trattoria Settimo at Pellegrino.


In Hi8 video, the program draws the observer into an intentionally self-historicizing and self-congratulatory journey in time.