…E Prini

27 October 2023 – 31 March 2024

…E Prini is the most comprehensive exhibition ever held on Emilio Prini (1943-2016), one of the most complex and enigmatic artistic figures of his generation, whose work reveals itself to be highly topical today. His continuous questioning and resistance to the ways in which the art system operates in fact renders his practice particularly relevant in a society marked by the hyper production and consumption of images and objects.


Comprising of more than 250 works, the exhibition, realised in collaboration with Archivio Emilio Prini, is developed following a chronological order that expands like a temporal perimeter along the walls of the museum’s main space. Reflecting the artist’s refusal to understand a work of art as a closed and defined object, the exhibition aims to make explicit Prini’s attitude of considering his own work as a unique journey marked by a continuous rewriting—«Non ho programmi, vado a tentoni» (I don’t have a plan, I proceed through trial and error)—in which works function almost like the stages of an experiment. Prini’s research is suspended between standards and variables: the work of art is understood as an empirical and aesthetic verification developed through the interrelation of diverse data drawn from reality.


On the wallswithout distinction or hierarchyworks including sculptures and photographs, invitations, interventions in catalogues and drawings will be displayed to underline the coherence of the artist’s thinking.



Cover Image: Emilio Prini, Untitled, 1968. Courtesy Archivio Emilio Prini