In First Personal Plural
Gina Beavers, Alexandra Bircken, Corrado Cagli, Judy Chicago, Enzo Cucchi, Jimmy DeSana, Eliza Douglas, Wayland Flowers, Massimo Grimaldi, Duane Hanson, Mark Leckey, Nancy Lupo, Tala Madani, John Miller, Hudson Mohawke, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Ulrike Ottinger, Lucia Pica, Francisco Sierra, Erik Thys and Gianfilippo Usellini

27 April 2023 – 24 September 2023

In First Person Plural is the first group show to be presented in the SOLO/MULTI section, and aims to explore another facet of the exhibition as medium with an experimental approach, characteristic of MACRO’S exhibition programme.


In First Person Plural is conceived as a film set where the works act as characters capable of activating different stories within the same scenario. A space composed of a complex ensemble of elements – artworks, music, artefacts, costumes, mirrors, performers – that transport the viewer into an alternate dimension through the association of these various entities. The exhibition is designed to be a synesthetic and disorientating experience where the boundaries and definitions of the human, the non-human and the post-human are destabilized: it is a space in which our notions of reality and fiction are teased, flipped over, and twisted. A deposit of gestures, signs and emotions that conceptually and physically resonate with the visitors. A compost of performative elements, artworks, music, and objects seeking to create an alienating yet enveloping experience – a kaleidoscope of signs in which one can lose oneself.



Eliza Douglas, Untitled, 2023. Oil on canvas, 210 x 160 cm. Unique. Photo Marc Domage. Courtesy the artist and Air de Paris, Romainville.