Live performance

1 July 2021, 9.30 pm

Anne-James Chaton will perform his new series of Evénéments. After Evénéments 99 (Al dante, 2001) and Evénéments 09 (Raster-noton, 2011), Anne-James Chaton continues to listen to the contemporary world through textual traces that it continuously produces. This new opus of Evénements reveals new figures and other world geographies. Languages have also changed, as has the author’s composing process, who revisits this monodic flow of information every decade.

Anne-James Chaton has developed a multipolar body of work, based on an in-depth study of the textual materials, which make up the daily life of contemporary society. This “poor” literature includes a multitude of documents printed by machines: bank receipts, purchases, flyers, business cards, etc. They are the source of Anne-James’s research in sound, poetry and visual art, which he develops in personal projects and collaboration with artists from different fields. The polyglot dimension of the work has led him to collaborate with foreign artists such as: Andy Moor (The Ex), the German musician Carsten Nicolaï and the guitarist of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore. His books are published by P.O.L, a French publishing house, and his music by Raster-Noton. He recently joined the NOTON record label. Since 2021 he has been a fellow at Villa Medici, French Academy in Rome.


MAI MAI MAI will present an A / V Set linked to the last album released (Isola / Action). Conceived during the first Spring 2020 lockdown, it represents a sound painting of the quarantine experience. With meditative and hypnotic sounds he tries to explore and strengthen the mind’s abilities to abstract and rise, in conflict with any state of blockage and physical constriction.

MAI MAI MAI is an Audio/Video project by Toni Cutrone, set to music and images of a dark journey into the tradition and folklore of southern Italy. MAI MAI MAI is a sound investigation that explores the interrelation between pagan rites and Catholicism, between nature and magic in rural life, through the manipulation of archive sounds and field recordings (recorded by Alan Lomax and Diego Carpitella in the 1950s and ’60) or collaboration with contemporary “avant / ethnic” musicians like Luca Venitucci and Lino Capra Vaccina.
A “Mediterranean hauntology” which, far from being a simple nostalgic gaze, noisily awakens those Ghosts of which it tells and evokes them to accompany us in everyday life.

The voice is at the center of of Mauro Remiddi’s performance, which creates melodies that are sampled, disassembled and rearranged. Words lose their meaning, leaving room for the unexpected.


Mauro Remiddi is a musician, sound artist and performer working primarily with electronic music, exploring and experimenting with the song format and the voice’s texture.

His main project was Porcelain Raft, releasing two albums with the US label Secretly Canadian. From 2010 to 2019 he toured in Europe and in the US, headlining and supporting Blonde Redhead, Beach House, M83 amongst others.
Remiddi’s music has been used in the tv series Messiah (Netflix) and Lucifer (Fox). He has collaborated extensively with artist Rä di Martino for several of her video works and with the filmmaker Derrick Belcham.
He is currently working on his first opera, based on electronic textures and the manipulation of voices. He lives between Rome and Los Angeles. 


Free entry with limited capacity