Quadreria 2050

From 22 June 2021

Quadreria 2050 (2020) is an installation conceived by the artist Franco Mazzucchelli for the museum’s café.


The artwork, without interfering with the components of the space, generates a decorative rhythm set by the regular intervals between the individual modules, oblique lines and swellings. The installation is based on the project presented in 1971 inside the jewellery store of Anny di Gennaro in Milan where the artist covered an entire architectural surface.

Franco Mazzucchelli uses the term bieca decorazione (pure decoration) self-deprecatingly to narrate the logic behind the painting as pure aesthetic enjoyment and its connection to the business logic. The artist reassesses this hangable artefact by emphasizing its sculptural and “inflatable” value, through the use of PVC.

A pioneer in the use of synthetic materials, FRANCO MAZZUCCHELLI (Milan, 1939) has been working in public space since the early 1960s, creating large environmental installations and inflatable objects that acquire unexpected social roles through interaction with the public. His production ranges from art destined to be abandoned (Art to Abandon) to inflatable canvases known as Bieca Decorazione. In 2020 he was part of EDITORIALE the Museum for Preventive Imagination’s exhibition that opened the new museum’s programme.