An event by Dugong Films

21 and 22 July 2021

MACRO is hosting INTERMEZZO, an event promoted by the production company Dugong Films which presents an interaction between museums spaces and the cinema circuit. On 21 and 22 July in the museum courtyard there will be screenings, live sets and meetings will take place with the participating artists. The audiovisual works of Yuri Ancarani, Rä di martino and Flatform will be exhibited, together with the musical “interludes” by Max Casacci, Matteo Pit, Conversation Piece and Giulia Tagliavia.


INTERMEZZO opens on Wednesday 21 July with Quello che verrà è solo una promessa, a work by Flatform which will be presented for the first time in Rome.


On the same evening two other films are scheduled, both awarded by the Eurimages Lab Project Award, in an unprecedented “Remix” version: Tutto l’oro che c’è by Andrea Caccia, accompanied by the live set performed by Max Casacci and his Earthphonia project, and finally Rä di Martino’s Stand-up, set to music by Conversation Piece, the new musical project by Simone Alessandrini, Simone Pappalardo and Mauro Remiddi born during their residency at the Mattatoio.


The evening of Thursday 22 July opens with the live set Scratched memories by Giulia Tagliavia, pianist and composer, who for the occasion reworks the music created for Samouni Road, the film by Stefano Savona, which won the prize Œil d’Or for best documentary of the Cannes Film Festival.


The screenings of two films by Yuri Ancarani will follow: Sèance and Whipping Zombie with the interlude of a DJ set by Matteo Pit.


The program also includes two talks, which will undertake the possibilities of intertwinement between art and cinema by involving different personalities and institutions operating on the border between these two worlds.






6.30 pm, Auditorium


Talk: Ever changing boundaries between art and cinema.

With: Fabio De Chirico (Head of Contemporary Creative General Management, Cultural and Creative – Fashion and Design Enterprises, Ministry of Culture), Iole Maria Giannattasio (International Activities, General Cinema Management, Ministry of Culture), Davide Giannella (Indipendent Curator, Artistic Committee of Triennale Teatro, Milano), Luca Lo Pinto (Artistic Director of Museo Macro Roma), Leonardo Bigazzi (In Between Art Film Foundation / Lo schermo dell’arte), Marco Alessi (Dugong Films).



9.30 pm, Galleria vetrata

That which is to come is just a promise a film by Flatform (22’) / screening 



10.00 pm, Galleria vetrata

Gold is all there is, remix by Andrea Caccia (40’)

with live set by Max Casacci & his new artistic endeavor Earthphonia  / live set and screening


10.45 pm, Galleria vetrata

Controfigura, remix curated by Rä di Martino (40’)

with live performance by Conversation Piece (Simone Alessandrini, Simone Pappalardo, Mauro Remiddi) / live set and screening






6:30 pm, Auditorium

Talk: Too arty for cinema distribution? Sergio Fant in conversation with Yuri Ancarani chatting with Davide Giannella



9:30 pm, Galleria vetrata

Scratched memories by Giulia Tagliavia (20’) / live set and screening

Reworked fragments from the film Samouni Road by di Stefano Savona


10.00 pm, Galleria vetrata

Séance a film by Yuri Ancarani (30’) / screening



10.30 pm, Galleria vetrata

Dj set by Matteo Pit (40’) / live set



11.15 pm, Galleria vetrata

Whipping Zombie a film by Yuri Ancarani (27’) / screening