24h streaming

From 4 December, 12 pm (CET)

The museum wants to remember the artist Lawrence Weiner (1942-2021) by sharing with the public the film TRACCE / TRACES, a documentary of his 2020 exhibition.  Streamed for the first time, the film will be available for viewing starting from 12 pm (CET) of Saturday 4 December for 24 hours.


Lawrence Weiner (1942-2021) has been one of the leading figures of the contemporary art avant-garde, as well as one of the foremost Conceptual artists who contributed in the redefenition of the paradigms of the work of art, its production and distribution.


TRACCE / TRACES took place in the sky, from August 16 to August 25 2020, through a series of aerial banners that flew along the Roman coastline. For ten consecutive days the works were visible to thousands of people on the beach.