Premiere Screening

30 June 2021, 9 pm and 9.40 pm

Wednesday 30 June MACRO presents the movie première of TRACCE / TRACES. The film originates from the exhibition by artist Lawrence Weiner which took place last summer through a series of aerial banners flying along the roman coast. The exhibition was produced by MACRO as part of the SUPPLEMENT section of Museum for Preventive Imagination.


Taking place from 16 to 25 August 2020, TRACCE / TRACES was the first solo show by an artist ever presented in the sky. The exhibition showed a different work each day along the coastline most popular with Romans, from Ladispoli to Anzio.


It allowed thousands of people to take part in a unique and totally ephemeral collective experience, offering each viewer the possibility – unexpected, for most – of coming into contact with works of art outside the context in which they are usually displayed and observed.


The exhibition, devised by Luca Lo Pinto, links back to the book of the same title produced in 1970 for Galleria Sperone, edited by Germano Celant, who focused on translation.  Exactly fifty years after the release of the publication, the artist has selected ten of the fifty works included in the book. They all consist of a single word, corresponding to the past participle of a verb that, isolated and removed from any syntactic context, lend themselves to open interpretation.


In the film, produced in collaboration with RingFilm, the interpretations and reactions of the public join the artist’s voice and the documentation of the exhibition, articulated through the day to day apparitions of this unique and ephemeral experience.


Lawrence Weiner (New York, 1942) is one of the leading figures of the contemporary art avant-garde, as well as one of the foremost Conceptual artists who has contributed to redefining the paradigms of the work of art, its production and distribution. For Weiner, art can exist as a mere declaration of intent, as well as in its concrete realization.


Free entry with limited capacity

Director: Pietro Daviddi
Voice: Lawrence Weiner
Sound Design: Vittorio Giampietro
Producer: Tommaso Bertani
Production company: Ring Film
Production Manager: Carolina De Nicolo’
Country of production: Italy
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: Carlotta Pierleoni, Izabela Anna Moren, Chiara Siravo

Runtime: 27’