Opening 6 September 2024, 7 pm

From 6 to 22 September 2024

From September 6 to 22 2024, MACRO presents Sonata, a festival of moving image, sound, performance, conversation and spoken word. The program reflects the interdisciplinary approach that has characterized the Museum for Preventive Imagination, with a particular focus on specific communities and narratives of the city of Rome.   


Sonata—in music, an instrumental composition divided into several movements with a contrasting nature—is a platform aimed at inhabiting the multiple interstitial spaces of the museum, by offering a temporary alternative to the language of exhibition making and to the centrality of the stage. The calendar of events is articulated through four formats that recur on a weekly basis, accompanied by a selection of of video art works, short films, audio installations and sound researches by musicians, DJs and producers that engage in a transversal dialogue with the content of each day.    


From listening sessions to music videos, spoken word to clubbing. On Fridays of the festival sound is explored and presented in its multiple formats and declinations, thanks to guests coming from some of the music scenes which in recent years have contributed to the field of sonic experimentation in the city of Rome. On Saturdays museum’s movie theater and auditorium will host a moving-image program aimed at recounting some aspects of film production, preservation and distribution, in collaboration with three relevant institutions active on the Italian scene. The screenings include the presence of authors and experts in the field, invited to talk about their research and reflect on the presented materials. On the three Sundays the museum invites groups and movements active at the intersection between activism for social and civil rights, art and culture. Thanks to the collaboration with three figures and entities acting as coordinators—Christian Raimo, Diletta Bellotti and The Recovery Plan (with Justin Randolph Thompson)—the program addresses themes of democratic pedagogy, self-determination of bodies and post-colonial, through the practices of workshop and assembly and the languages of video and music. The two Thursdays explore the linguistic performativity of voice and poetry, along with the possibilities offered by video art to address and narrate the dimension of travel, with a focus on intergenerational exchange in the Italian context. 


On the same day as the opening of Sonata, the museum presents Yard, the historic environmental work by U.S. artist Allan Kaprow, exhibited for the first time in Rome, which will offer an additional experiential dimension to reflect the festival’s discursive attitude.



Free entry.