IV edition
Curated by Michele Di Stefano

On 10 and 11 June, MACRO hosts the fourth iteration of BUFFALO, the programme of contemporary dance curated by Michele Di Stefano, in the context of the project Perspectives on Contemporary Dance.  


A crossroads of emerging and multidisciplinary creativity, performing arts and visual arts, with expanded and distributed programming that starts with a double preview at Teatro Torlonia (8 June) and Teatro India (9 June), then arriving in the spaces of the museum on 10-11 June. The event offers alternatives to the canons of theatrical programming, investigating interdisciplinary possibilities between the arts, the viewer/performer relationship, and the relocation of the choreographic setting. 


On Saturday 10 June, the schedule calls for Op.22 No.2, a solo inspired by the tone poem of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, The Swan of Tuonela, based on the Finnish mythological epic of the Kalevala, in which Alessandro Sciarroni constructs a female portrait on the body, defying adversities.  


Next comes Nicola Cisternino with My Lonely Lovely Tale, a dance of dynamic impact on the metamorphosis of Narcissus. Then Clara Delorme reveals herself nearly at degree zero, against a white backdrop, with her solo nude performance L’albâtre, a score on the immobility and silence of a pulsating body that holds its breath, taking leave of the everyday dimension almost to the point of absurdity. She then continues with Clara Delorme lift her leg to make her vagina come out, an act of reclamation of her image and her online presence, in response to the attacks directed at the Swiss choreographer by a stalker who posted videos of L’albâtre on porn sites without her consent.  


A historic figure of the Ballet Frankfurt and the Forsythe Company from 1997 to 2015, the Swiss choreographer Fabrice Mazliah, with Forsythe Improvisations, becomes a choreographic archive with which to materialize a repertoire of his years with the Forsythe Company, bearing witness to the cultural legacy of the talent of William Forsythe.  


On Sunday 11 June, in NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK / DURATIONAL PERFORMANCE – BUFFALO VERSION Daniele Ninarello moves before the eyes of the audience with a site-specific work, crossing all the spaces. At the same time, Ivana Müller presents an encampment with Hors-Champ, a colony of tents, each of which contains a pair of spectators, who enter to read a conversation and rewrite what happens in the time spent together, prompting reflections on complicity with nature and with others.  


The five bodies of Echoes by Cristina Kristal Rizzo, which also reverberate in virtual space, observe the present of performance and what is re-dispatched by real time streaming: a cartography of dances on a dual plane of reception, physical and virtual, streamed live at the FB PAGE @echoes.cristina.kristal.rizzo.


The programme also includes two moments of public discussion: the encounter Annusa i fiori finché puoi (Smell the flowers while you can), to think about how the body of performance asserts its irreducibility in the cultural panorama; and the talk When the image blinks, the eye ignites with Dorothée Dupuis, curator and resident at Villa Medici, and the artist Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, for an in-depth look at the strategies of presence through absence in her latest video The Uninvited (2023), in a round table with Piersandra Di Matteo, director of the Short Theatre festival, and Luca Lo Pinto. 



10 June2023 


From 7.00 PM to 10.30 PM, auditorium rooftop
Alessandro Sciarroni, Op.22 No.2, 20’


7.30 PM, foyer
Nicola Cisternino, My Lonely Lovely Tale, 35’


8.05 PM, terrace
Clara Delorme, L’albâtre, 20’


9.00 PM, glass gallery 
Fabrice Mazliah, Forsythe Improvisations, 30’


9.30 PM, auditorium
Clara Delorme, Clara Delorme lift her leg to make her vagina come out, 20’ 



11 June 2023


3.00 PM, SOLO/MULTI room
Talk Annusa i fiori finché puoi, performing arts, cultural politics and forms of independence (free entry)


6.00 PM, auditorium
Talk When the image blinks, the eye ignites. Dorothée Dupuis in dialogue with Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, together with Piersandra Di Matteo and Luca Lo Pinto (free entry)


From 7.00 to 10.00 PM, multiple spaces 


From 7.00 to 10.00 PM, foyer
Ivana Müller, HorsChamp / Durational


From 8.00 to 10.00 PM, glass gallery 
Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Echoes / Durational



On-line purchases at www.teatrodiroma.net 

The two entries are equal, covering the same performances with a time shift of the first performance, which in the second option is moved to the end of the programme. The space will be open from 12.00 noon with free admission.    

Visitors are free to enter the talks until seating capacity is reached. 

One-day ticket: full price € 15.00 – reduced price € 10.00  

The complete calendar of the programme can be seen here.  



A co-production of Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale and Azienda Speciale Palaexpo.   

With the support of Istituto Svizzero and in collaboration with Accademia di Francia – Villa Medici and Municipio Roma II.