MACRO for families – Museum in Contemporary: guided tour for adults and workshop for children
With the collaboration of “Senza titolo”

Continues in 2023 the educational proposal designed for adults and children to introduce the public with the Museum for Preventive Imagination, actively explore the spaces and architecture that constitute it, and delve into the languages of contemporary art through the works and work of the artists. MACRO for families is a proposal structured both as a guided tour for adults and a workshop for children, so as to allow a tailor-made enjoyment of the museum itinerary that is modulated in terms of content, approach and communication mode.


Every third Sunday of the month the public is invited to freely join the activities in program, and experience the Museum as an open space for creativity, experimentation and contamination. The educational paths are designed as interdisciplinary paths that relate the works to the historical, artistic and cultural context and the space that hosts them to build an open dialogue on contemporary art. With the aim of fostering personal reworking, the experience of doing and workshop practice, “Senza titolo” produces for each workshop a teaching kit useful for the path with specially designed graphic maps and selected materials. 


Guided tour for adults: 

A guided tour dedicated to the MACRO and its exhibitions to learn about and explore the Museum for Preventive Imagination, conceived as a three-dimensional magazine that takes shape within Odile Decq’s architectural space. The tour allows the public to trace how the Museum’s past, present and future confront each other in a multidisciplinary interweaving of themes, experimentations, languages and poetics in an open dialogue with the artists’ works and different forms of contemporary art. The guided tour itinerary changes according to the MIP exhibition schedule. 


Workshop for childrens (ages 6 – 11): 

How can a three-dimensional magazine become a museum? What are the languages of contemporary art? Can imagination transform a collection? These and other questions will be answered in the workshop Exercises in Imagination, an interdisciplinary path that explores the museum’s different rubrics – from RETROFUTURE to CHAMBER MUSIC, from SOLO/MULTI to BIBLIOGRAPHIC OFFICE – and invites childrens to interact with the works, to train their gaze, and to experiment with artistic techniques to bring imaginative visions to life in the workshop. The workshop itinerary changes according to MIP’s exhibition schedule.


Calendar 2023


16 April 2023, 4 pm

Guided tour for adults and workshop for children ages 6 to 11


21 May 2023, 4 pm

Guided adult tour and workshop for ages 6 to 11


19 November 2023, 4 pm

Guided adult tour and workshop for children 6 to 11 years old 


17 December 2023, 4 pm

Guided adult tour and workshop for children 6 to 11 years old 



Visits are free and limited to the number of 25 participants per group. Reservation is required, by writing at, indicating in the email the activity you wish to participate in, the number of participants, first and last name.  



“SENZA TITOLO” – PROGETTI APERTI ALLA CULTURA is an educational services company born from an experience in museum didactics gained within the MAMbo Educational Department. It realises educational projects aimed at bringing the public closer to the artistic heritage and takes care of projects and initiatives in the fields of publishing, museography, training and communication. Collaborates with cultural and educational institutions, corporations, libraries, private individuals and companies in various Italian cities, devising and realising tailor-made didactic paths for an active knowledge of heritage aimed at different audiences. Since 2017 it has been curating “Scegli il Contemporaneo”, an inter-museum cultural platform that weaves a network of connections between the cultural proposals of the contemporary art scene in Rome, offering the public a transversal reading of the contemporary; since 2019 it has been promoted by Roma Culture as part of Contemporaneamente Roma, Eureka, Estate Romana.