Dolce Far Niente
A playlist

“Dolce Far Niente” is a project about leisure that will be share throughout August on MACRO’s digital channels.


The expression “Dolce far niente” (pleasant idleness) seems to come from the Roman writer and magistrate Pliny the Younger, who in Book VIII of his Letters wrote: “It seems ages since I took up a book or a pen, and ages since I knew what it was to do nothing, and rest and enjoy that lazy but delightful state of inactivity where you hardly know you exist”.


The following is a playlist on the theme, together with a series of texts, books and essays through which to delve into the theme of leisure as the glorification of free time, liberated from commitments, purposes and urgent matters, as we devote ourselves entirely to the rebirth of body and mind. Accompanying these musical and literary suggestions will be some images created an Artificial Intelligence and a playlist on the theme. In an age driven by hyper-productivity, together we will try to discover how to delightfully nestle into idleness, without feeling guilty in the least.