Giancarlo Consonni

This content is part of the new digital section of the museum called VIRIDITAS, created to offer the public a tool to enrich their gaze towards the climate change.

The church of San Zaccaria in Venice, designed by Mauro Codussi, is shown here during the restoration work carried out in 2006. The cleaning of the façade revealed a delicate multicoloured surface, in tune with the chromatic symphonies that contribute to the peerless beauty of Venice. 

What if there was water, instead of the scaffolding? The thought of Venice submerged is anything but far-fetched. We have to do everything possible to keep that from happening.



Giancarlo Consonni (Merate 1943), professor emeritus in Urban Planning at the Politecnico di Milano, is a poet and a painter. He has published anthologies of poetry with Scheiwiller (Viridarium, 1987; In breve volo, 1994) and Einaudi (Vûs, 1997; Luì, 2003; Filovia, 2016; Pinoli, 2021). His artworks are seen in books published by La Vita Felice: Ritmi e soglie, 2018; Sognando la Liguria, 1994-1998, 2019 and Stagioni 1980-1998, 2021.