9 min, color, sound

VEGA (Francesca Pionati and Tommaso Arnaldi) is a collective of directors and visual artists based in Rome.


Their practice stems out of the urgency to develop a relationship between elements that are predefined or have previously been contextualised (archive materials, stories, traditions and rituals) and contemporary languages and aesthetics, putting into question every foundational element, and making room for minorities as powers in flux. They mostly investigate characters and stories from Italy, impressed by a Gothic-Cosmic-Mediterranean vision.


Born within the intersection of video art and docu-fiction, their research incorporates elements of performance, in an effort to integrate the physicality and the presence of the body with the immaterial quality and the semiotics of video.


In this video VEGA speak to us about their video-project inspired by the archive and the story of Simone Carella (1946 -2016), director and personality of the Roman cultural scene, to whom MACRO dedicated the exhibition Io poeto tu (3 February 2021 – 6 June 2021).