44 min, color, sound

Delving into memories about the set of Paquita Gordon—Milanese Dj and resident of Terraforma Festival—five years ago, one of the collaborators of the festival that combines sustainability, art and music, recounts that Paquita “Paqui” Gordon is divine, the set was outstanding in all ways. «It rained,» he says, before getting lost in the eyes of nostalgia. It seems like one of the special moments in which music pairs with euphoria, smiles on the dancefloor and friends of the family next door. 


«I don’t play digital at all because I’m not interested in spreading computer-generated waves, but physical ones,» Paquita says in an interview with Mathis Neuhaus in 2019. And so be it.


At PIANETA COME FESTIVAL XL which is organised by MACRO together with Terraforma Festival, Paquita Gorden will be playing Scienza Straordinaria a five-hour all vinyl set from 10 AM onwards. Click here to book your time slot. You may need to book more than one slot if you wish to see this event in its entirety.