At a time when the relationship between people occurs almost exclusively through digital means, the artist Olaf Nicolai has created an artwork for MACRO entitled Museum as Bureau of Communication.


As of April 30, the museum will act as an office of communication, mediating between two people who wish to share a message with one another.


Anyone will have the possibility to send a brief message on a printed postcard to whoever they want. Each postcard will be illustrated with a different artwork, selected by the museum based on the message’s content, therefore creating a thread, both communicative and interpretative, between the sender, the museum, and the addressee.


To use this service, all you need to do is send an email to info@museomacro.it with the subject “Museum as Bureau of Communication”, the message you would like to have on the postcard, and the address of the recipient. The message will be transcribed onto the postcard and the museum will take care of sending it by post.


Due to the high number of requests received, every person will be able to send one postcard.