Pier Paolo Pasolini, “I custodi interessati della follia di Dino Campana e Ezra Pound”, in Tempo,  weekly newspaper, year XXXV, no. 50. Mondadori, Milan, 16 December 1973. 



“Pound chatters in the cosmos. What pushes him up there with his enchanting echolalias is a trauma that has made him perfectly inadaptable to this world. The ulterior choice of Fascism, for Pound, was both a way to mask his inadaptability and an alibi to make his presence believed. In what does this trauma consist? In the discovery of a rural world inside an industrialized world, many decades ahead of Europe. Pound understood, with abnormal foresight, that the rural world and the industrial world are two irreconcilable realities: the existence of one implies the death (the disappearance) of the other.”