Breve storia del mostrare e dell’essere mostrati
Performance by Francesco Pedraglio with the participation of Maziar Firouzi

7 July 2022, 6 pm

Parallel to the work Maziar Firouzi (+39 02 8295 4344) displayed in the RETROFUTURE section, Francesco Pedraglio presents a performance specifically formulated for the central space of the museum’s courtyard.

Breve storia del mostrare e dell’essere mostrati is a mental journeythat subjectively questions the relationship between biography and the process of making and displaying art, bringing together the formal aspects of invented architectures and memories of real spaces.   


A large printed tarp laid out on the floor evokes the layout of a house or the aerial view of an archaeological site, dictating the movements and narrative progress of the story, transforming itsel into both a stage and a musical score.  


The actor Maziar Firouzi, acting as Pedraglio’s alter ego in the narration of the sculpture in the exhibition and the text of the performance, puts the figure of the artist and narrator on the same level as a background actor.



FRANCESCO PEDRAGLIO (Como, 1981) lives in Mexico City. He works with writing, performance, film and installation. His most recent solo exhibitions have been hosted at: Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin (2019); Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, (2018); Museo Leonora Carrington, San Luis Potosí (2018). His work has been shown in group exhibitions at: Casa Tomada, Mexico City (2018); Kunstverein Munich, Munich (2017); PAKT, Amsterdam (2017). At the beginning of 2021, the collection of performative texts Battles (Vol. 1) will be released by Book Works (London). Since 2016 he coordinates the editorial project Juan de la Cosa / John of the Thing with Tania Pérez Córdova, with whom he published Spoken Sculptures in 2018.