I’ll tell you the story I know, 2021

12 October 2021

On 12 October the RETROFUTURE section will be enriched with a new work by Ruth Beraha (1986, Milan, lives and works in Bologna), an artist whose multimedia practice include sculptures, installations, immersive audio and drawings. Beraha’s research intertwines the personal and collective imagination, investigating subtle structural violence, resulting in works that invite us to explore the other no longer as a distant and incomprehensible entity, but as a constitutive part of one’s own identity.


The work entering the collection is I’ll tell you the story I know, 2021, which the artist explains here: “A voice interrogates a silent suspect, which observers are forced to personify as soon as they put on the headphones. The voice wavers between a police interrogation and a BDSM scene, blurring the boundaries between consensual play and abuse. Listeners see their own reflection in a mirror inside the suspended cone. The other end of the cone functions as a peephole: by peering inside, it is possible to watch the listener at the opposite end, without being seen. The mirror is actually a spy mirror, a voyeuristic device with which to impose one’s gaze on someone else, but also a window in which to exhibit oneself and seduce. Without any explicit mentioning of violence, the work forces viewers into a role playing game of victim-victimizer, underscoring the power structure that controls them both”.