Gideon Jacobs

18 December 2020, 6.30 pm

A Folder is a digital talk in which the guest shares their screen to narrate a specific collection, random obsession, sustained inspiration, or longterm research found within a specific folder living on their laptop.


Gideon Jacobs works mostly as a literary artist, writing experimental fiction and contributing on arts and culture to publications like “The New Yorker”, “The NY Review of Books”, “The Paris Review”, “Playboy”, “BOMB Magazine”, and others. Before writing full time, he served as Creative Director at Magnum Photos.

Between the ages of 6-17, Jacobs acted in about 150 television and radio commercials, peddling consumer products of 1990s American capitalism like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Campbell’s Soup, Jello, Band-Aids, Duracell Batteries, Lysol, Bayer Asperin, and more. As an adult, he has spent time examining these strange 15-30 clips as artefacts, trying to unpack this strangeness, to analyse what the aesthetics can reveal about that unique era of American society and his childhood place in it. He is interested in what made him look something like the platonic ideal of a boy in 1990s America? What does this platonic ideal say about capitalism and a bull market decade in which greed was still good and growth infinitely desirable?