Around the images

18 and 19 June 2021
#Guided tours

The Department for Preventive Education is presenting a series of free guided tours designed and created by the artists exhibited in RETROFUTURE. The second event will be hosted by the artist Giorgio Di Noto.

The activity focuses on the relationship between visual language, the modalities and ambiguities of the practices of production and use of images, experimenting with various possibilities of translating digital content into material objects.


Participants will be guided through the creation of their own project through visual associations of images and conceptual and aesthetic links, starting from an initial pretext such as a question, an image or a text.


The possibilities and techniques of constructing a visual path will be explored through personal images, archival documents and materials from the web as points of departure. The focus of the workshop will be to rework this content through  material translations, experimenting with different printing techniques such as transfer, lumens, and collage. 





Part one: 18 June from 4 pm to 7 pm

A guided tour of the work on display and presentation of the artist’s projects.  Looking at and commenting visual and textual references.


Part two: 19 June from 11 am to 4 pm

Laboratory for researching and producing visual material, as well as experimenting with xerox printers, transfer, photosensitive photographic paper, collage and other techniques for the creation of a final product on paper.


Instructions for participants:


For the second part of the activity it will be necessary to bring smartphones and / or tablets, any personal digital archives, photographs or paper materials collected (family photos, image clippings, etc.).

Giorgio di Noto: Born in Rome in 1990, he studied photography and printing techniques and since 2011 he has been working on the materials and languages of photography. He won the Premio Pesaresi in 2012, his first book The Arab Revolt was mentioned in The Photobook. A History Vol. III andin 2013 he was among the selection of Ones to Watch by the British Journal of Photography Ones to watch. In 2017 he published the book The Iceberg which received a special mention for the Author Book Award at the Rencontres d’Arles and was nominated for the Prix Bob Calle du livre d’Artiste. He lives, works and teaches in Rome.

The activity is free. Due to the restrictions in place in response to the current health crisis, the workshop is offered exclusively to adults. A maximum of 8 people can participate. 

To participate in the activity please send an email – by 20 pm on Monday 14 June – to with the subject line “INTORNO ALLE IMMAGINI”, attaching a brief motivational note (max. 500 characters) and 3 images that you consider to be significant.

The workshop will be in Italian.