In first VOICE plural

28 June 2023, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00 pm
#Guided tours

In prima VOCE plurale is the project Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma has conducted in 2023 in collaboration with the Department for Preventive Education of MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma.

For three months, the students in Museum Education coordinated by the professor Giuliana Benassi, and those of Art Management coordinated by the professor Marta Silvi, met with various members of the museum team, also in dialogue with Vasco Forconi, of the Curatorial and editorial office, and Irene Angenica, Coordinator of public and educational activities. They have developed audio tracks that reinterpret the exhibition In Prima Persona Plurale in an imaginative way. 


The audio tracks, prepared as material for listening before visiting the exhibition, offer an interpretation of the show across six main thematic areas: Dream, Disorientation, Makeup/Mask, Loop/Repetition, Self-portrait/Portrait, Lookalike/Double.

These six theme areas act as possible keys of interpretation with which to enter the atmosphere generated by the exhibition, through its works and its appearances. 

Like a stream of consciousness, each track encourages visitors to immerse themselves in the exhibition path, foreshadowing impressions and taking the listener closer to possible stimuli of sensory perception.  


The two courses have worked by subdividing into groups, carrying out the audio productions in a separate and original way. Each track has been developed and produced by the following students:


Eleonora Alba De Luca, Selene Salerno, Beatrice Ciotoli, Irene Iodice, Alessio Esposito; 


Georgia Alexandra Comarla, Beatrice Di Giovanni, Annarita Perrella, Veronica Rea, Valentina Rigano;


Francesca Paoletti, Francesca Placentino, Riccardo Pisetti;


Davide Arduca, Lucia Caschetto, Manuele Chiveri, Ruiling Fu, Luana Leo, Antonella Lotito, Chiara Picco;


Benedetta Placidi, Veronica Vichi, Leonardo Petroselli, Lucia Paparello;


Martina Di Girolamo, Emilia Pratesi, Yumou Wei, Carla Veraldi, Zexuan Wang.


These six tracks are joined by a sound mapping of the exhibition space, entirely designed and composed by Enrico Finazzi, with the title Atlante Sonoro (Sound Atlas).


As an outcome of the project, on 28 June 2023 the public can participate free of charge in the educational itinerary invented by the students, listening to the audio tracks, visiting the exhibition In Prima Persona Plurale and entering a direct dialogue with them. No prior reservations are required. The paths of listening, over a time span of 60 minutes, start from the museum’s classroom and take place at three times: 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 pm.