All Capitals
21 June – 9 October 2022

With the exhibition All Capitals, Julia Born is the fifth protagonist of the IN-DESIGN space. Exploring various forms of writing as a medium of expression, the designer has gathered fragments, exclusively in upper case, of a vocabulary that is widespread in the city of Rome. Through the assembly of a linguistic fabric organized in inscriptions, signs, labels, imprints, scribbles and scattered drawings, from antiquity to the present, Born sheds light on the power of the written word, the attribution of a title or the ownership of a place, the relationship between power and public space, and the desire to leave a mark. 


To follow, the booklet available for download offering the informative profiles of the selected verbal fragments, to provide the audience with a tool that illustrates the stories behind each item.


Contributions by the researcher Ary Ray and the curator Salvatore Lacagnina are an integral part of the publication.

All Capitals, booklet

Insert, Ari Ray

Insert, Salvatore Lacagnina