Exhibited works #2

On the occasion of the exhibition …E Prini, on show until 31 March 2024 in the SOLO/MULTI section, the following is a insight of one the exhibited work. The texts, extracted from the documents presented in the exhibition, available in both Italian and English, deepen and expand the entire narrative framework of the project.

The photographic sequence of forty shots, showing Prini sitting on the threshold his studio’s window in Genoa in 1968, refers to one of his hypotheses on action: “I looked out the window, it was sunny”. The back profile pose appears frequently in the artist’s photographs of the time, suggesting a relationship between Prini’s body and elements from his urban surroundings. He often wore a red and white striped T-shirt with purple trousers, a fake nose, and a black cape with the word “Alieno” applied to the chest and a red heart on the back. Prini frequently evokes the figure of the clown, wearing this archetype’s identifying marks to perform actions and masquerades.