From 14 December 2021 

Irene Fenara joins the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.

Supervision is an inkjet print that looks into the viewing mode of a surveillance camera, autonomously reinterpreting the landscape through its lens. This work is part of a wider research carried out by the artist which investigates the vision and gaze of surveillance cameras which observe, look into and interpret our world. The images they produce are often unclear or dirty so to speak, as a result of errors such as glitches in resolution or chromatic alterations. Just like our eyes, they (re)see and transform reality, catapulting us into an alternative and mysterious universe.


Irene Fenara was born in Bologna in 1990, where she lives and works. Her works reflect upon the act of looking, central in a practice that explores optical devices often used as tools for control. The interest in theories of visual culture and the necessity to appropriate instruments of the contemporary experience, which consistently shape our way of seeing, become for Fenara the point of departure for a deeper reflection on images. She investigates linguistic devices and uses various tools, ranging from Polaroids to surveillance cameras, and does so often incorrectly, violating their fundamental functioning.



IRENE FENARA (BOLOGNA, 1990) lives in Bologna. Her work investigates the gesture behind every photographic operation: watching. In particular, she observes, investigates and interprets the way machines look; there are hundreds of mechanical glances in front of which we pass every day. Her work has been exhibited in public and private institutions such as Fondazione Prada Osservatorio, Milan, (2016), Fondazione Fotografia, Modena (2017), MAMbo-Museum of Modern Art, Bologna (2018), Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (2018), Kunst Merano Arte,  Merano (2019), Villa Merkel, Esslingen (2020) and MAXXI, Rome (2021).