With the participation of RareBooksParis, BILL, Helen Van de Vloet, Le Cinéma Club, OK-RM and others to come

8 July 2021 – 24 October 2021

Daybed presents an overview of the research of graphic designer Julie Peeters for the IN-DESIGN column. Her approach can be defined as “image-heavy”: it centres around the printed image, visual archives of pictures and the results they generate. BILL, the annual magazine she founded in 2017, is a sort of manifesto of Peeters’ obsessive investigation on the image, focusing exclusively on a chain of photographic stories and narratives, without text. 


This on-going interpretation of images is associated, in Peeters’ work, with a multidisciplinary approach. It takes form in the exhibition through an object with multiple functions, a furnishing element that becomes a platform of encounter and discussion with a series of guests. The process activated by this device will be returned to the status of image, captured by a camera that will monitor the evolution of the exhibition, and lastly documented in a publication.


Chapter 1
8/7 – 22/8/2021

@rarebooksparis is an Instagram account offering exactly what it claims: rare, out-of-print publications, hard-to-find, and some of fashion’s most collectable books. Shrouded in secrecy, the founder, and ex-fashion designer who used to work for Maison Margiela, uses neither IRL nor websites but rather select pages from inside each hand-sourced publication. These are posted on the @rarebooksparis IG page, accompanied by an e-mail address which customers can contact should they wish to make a purchase. 


With this biography the co-editor of the first chapter describes him/herself. A friendship that unfolded through printed matter, becomes a project that is a presentation of the Martin Margiela archives nelonging to RareBooksParis, a selection of which was also part of the third issue of BILL magazine. Through different materials such as original photographs, look books, items of clothing, accessories, magazine press clippings, photocopies and printing sheets, this exhibition creates a new context in which these fashion ephemera can be viewed. In addition, it is a further contribution to the exploration of the legacy of Martin Margiela, a Belgian fashion designer known for his deconstructive approach to clothing.


Helen Van de Vloet
Chapter 2
27/8 – 5/9/2021

A new chapter of the show opens on 27 August. The large daybed which the exhibition revolves around, will be at the center of an act of imagination with the intervention of the architect Helen Van de Vloet, who will question the potential of the exhibition space as a place in which to rest and think freely. Specialized in textile design, her research focuses on the experiences that can arise from working with fabrics, considering them not only as decorative elements but also as functional ones which can be used to investigate architecture.


Le Cinéma Club
Chapter 3
7/9 – 22/9/2021

The third chapter of Daybed begins on 7 September and is born from the collaboration with Le Cinéma Club, a uniquely curated streaming platform screening one film every week, for free. Available for seven days to all visitors globally, selections vary in genre and length, with special attention given to short formats. 


The program proposed by Le Cinéma Club, specifically for Daybed, highlights one of the streaming project’s main missions: to listen to the voiced of a new generation of filmmakers. The films selected are all recent international productions, using diverse formats and technologies, ranging from 16mm or HD Video to hand-drawn animation or video game graphics.


Transforming the daybed into a setting that touches on our sense of comfort and the habitual intimacy that arrises when we are in a domestic space, like watching a film under the covers.


This chapter was developed in close collaboration with Scott Ponik. 


Film List

2 Lizards, Meriem Bennani & Orian Barki. 2020. 23 min.

A Short History, Erica Sheu. 2017. 3 min.

Hella Trees, Ayo Akingbade. 2020. 7 min.

Khtobtogone, Sara Sadik. 2021. 16 min.

The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady, Gabriel Abrantes. 2019. 20 min.

Quattro Strade, Alice Rohrwacher. 2021. 8 min.

The Way Home, Orfeo Tagiuri. 2020. 4 min.

Wong Ping’s Fables 1, Wong Ping. 2018. 13 min.


Chapter 4
28/9 – 14/10/2021

The fourth chapter of Daybed highlights the use of the bed as a display mechanism to present a body of work by OK-RM, a London-based studio founded by Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath. In this chapter Julie Peeters invites another design practice into her project, to explore how a (living) archive can be presented today. OK-RM focusses on developing new methods of collaborative design and communication, constantly redefining what it means to work together. This is reflected in the objects that their work generates as well as the debate and dialogue, introspection and exploration that are bringing them to life. Augmenting the experience of printed matter through a visual landscape of related material – ranging from finished work to dummy’s, printing experiments and special editions – this presentation is a generous look at a graphic design practice from the perspective of fellow graphic designer.


Ekaterina Kaplunova
Chapter 5
17/10 – 22/10/2021

Transforming itself into a larger star-shaped table, in this last chapter Daybed hosts a celebration of nature imagined by the artist Ekaterina Kaplunova from the ceiling vaults in Villa Farnesina.


Set with a wide selection of fruit and vegetables along with some of the 170 botanical species originally depicted on the Loggia of Cupid and Psyche, Daybed invites viewers to take home pomegranates, apples, pumpkins, bitter oranges, quinces, artichokes, aubergines, cabbages, plums, aloes, sunflowers, figs, grapes, chestnuts, and cherries.


The festoons painted by Giovanni da Udine in the Renaissance building take on a new form in the exhibition space, showing the abundance of morphological and chromatic aspects and the symbolic and augural value that constitutes a rich inventors of edible, medicinal, and ornamental plants that arrived in Rome at the time from all over the world.


A list of recipes from the artist’s recipe book accompanies the exhibition.



Curator: Luca Lo Pinto
Coordinated by Lisa Andreani (curatorial) and Lorena Stamo (production)
Exhibition assistant and events coordinator: Giulia Caruso
Exhibitions assistant: Beatrice Schivo
Art handling: Carlo Giannone, Fabio Pennacchia
Assistant art handler: Matteo Pompili
Graphic production: Gimax
Daybed design: Alice Babini

With the support of Ufficio di Rappresentanza della Comunità Fiamminga e della Regione delle Fiandre presso l’Ambasciata del Belgio

Heartfelt thanks to Nick Bastis, Gregory Brooks, Nana Esi, Raf Geysen, Sophie Keij, Ilaria Leoni, Raimundas Malašauskas, Elena Narbutaitė, Gerry Peeters